Admission Procedure
Registration form & Prospectus can be obtained from the School. Application forms should be filled in and submitted in the Administrative office. Admission to Caterpillar to Class I is through observation / Interaction. Dates for observation / interaction shall be intimated in advance. Written evaluation is held for Class II onwards. Only those candidates, who clear, are called for interaction. During the interaction, presence of both parents is desirable.
  • Parents are requested to collect the registration form from the reception.
  • Entrance test prospectus and syllabus will be given along with the registration form.
  • Entrance test date will be intimated by the front desk in charge.
  • Child should report half an hour before the scheduled time for the test.
  • The results are declared within 2-3 days.


The parent shall strictly follow and comply with the Fee Payments and shall diligently follow the deposit of fee within the stipulated time period.
Fees are to be paid quarterly as per the following schedule:
  • 1st Quarter (April to June) – by 10th April
  • 2nd Quarter (July to September)– by 10th July
  • 3rd Quarter (October to December) – by 10th October
  • 4th Quarter (January to March)– by 10th January
If the “Last Date of Payment” is a holiday then the next working day after such holiday is considered to be the “Last Date of Payment”.
If fee is not paid by the “Last Date of Payment” a fine of Rs. 10/- per day including all holidays, will be charged from the “Last Date of Payment” and till the day of payment of fee.
  • Fee once deposited, will not be refundable in any case.
  • Cheque bounce charge will be Rs.300
  • Late fee fine to be paid separately for fees as applicable.


The School provides transport facility to its students as per the existing routes. The list of bus stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of the students using the school transport.
  • The transport fee will be charged for 11 months.
  • You must clearly indicate the mode of payment for transport so that fee bills are generated accordingly
  • Students are expected to reach the bus stop at least five minutes before the stipulated time of the bus. Under no circumstances will the bus wait for students who are not present at the scheduled time and place.
  • Students should not move about, play or do any mischief in the school bus. The students should avoid any loud or disruptive behaviour that could distract the bus driver from safely operating the bus. The Students shall not create any nature of nuisance or misbehave with co-passenger students. Unruly behaviour may lead to suspension and even barring from using the school transport. Continued indiscipline shall attract expulsion from the School.
  • No student is allowed to buy anything along the route.
  • No student should litter the bus.
  • The driver will stop the bus only at the designated stops.
  • No child should stand or travel on the footboard of the bus. Students must sit on the seat allotted to them. They should also hold the handrail while going up and down the bus stairs.
  • Withdrawal from the transport facility requires one month’s clear advance notice in writing, otherwise, the student is liable for payment of the bus fee for the entire quarter.
  • Any complaint regarding the transport is to be communicated to the Principal/Transport Incharge.
  • Parents should not board the bus and get into any argument with driver/helper/students/ teacher in charge. On no account should any parent delay the school bus.
  • The students should not damage the bus in any way. Intentional vandalism such as defacing the interior of the bus, breaking the window panes, tearing or cutting of seat covers or any other such activity will result in a heavy penalty and expulsion from the school
  • Under no circumstances, will the students be allowed to change the bus routes to fulfill social engagements like visiting their friends or relatives.
  • Parents should avoid last minutes changes. Transport in-charge should be informed in writing about the changes whatsoever well in advance.
  • The Students availing of bus service must comply with the instructions and directions of the bus monitors and/or teacher in-charge to enable them to maintain discipline and decorum in the bus. Any serious offence must be brought to the notice of the Principal at once.
  • Any change in address and contact number should be intimated to the transport in- charge and school office immediately in writing.
  • Withdrawal of the bus facility require one month of prior notice in writing.
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  • In case the parents or their representatives are not present to pick-up the student at the designated bus-stop, the students will be brought back to the School premises and it will be the parent’s responsibility thereafter to pick-up the student from the School. Under no circumstances will any request be entertained for either dropping the student at the bus stop unattended or dropping at home.
  • Sometimes the buses may be delayed due to the traffic conditions and other extraneous reasons particularly on longer routes. Festival seasons like ‘Dussehra’ and ‘Diwali’ etc. also contribute to increase in traffic congestion leading to overall delays. Timely information on such occasions will be passed on to the parents by the bus staff. Parents are requested to be a little more patient and understanding of the constraints being faced by the School in such circumstances.
  • Students should not indulge in any misconduct, making gestures, using foul language etc. If in case any student is found guilty, the route facility will be withdrawn.
  • For continuous surveillance, CCTV cameras and GPRS facilities are installed in the buses.
  • In case parents want to opt for only one sided transport facility (to or from), transport fee will be charged for both sides.
  • If a student discontinues / withdraws from the school transport and wishes to avail the same after sometime she/he will be given a new time slot as per the current bus schedule timing (not the previous one) depending upon the availability of seat in the bus.
The parents should ensure that the students follow all safety precautions at the bus stops. The students should not walk behind the school bus or run after the bus, while boarding or de- boarding the bus.