“The significant problems that exist today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them”
-Albert Einstein

Growing interdependence between countries changes the way we view the world and ourselves. Schools can respond by developing a responsible, international outlook among their young people, based on an appreciation of the impact of their personal values and behaviors on global challenges.

We know that parents are passionate about children’s development and improving life chances. We at Delhi Public World School, Kotputli share your passion and will support you with the best services, tailored to the needs of children. This means taking a rounded view of children’s development, including recognizing the importance of the home learning environment; and supporting children and their families at the key transition points.

There is a global dimension to every aspect of our lives and communities and it isn’t something we can achieve in isolation. Schools, through their curriculum, campus and community, have an important role to play in helping pupils to make sense of the complexity of our world and their place in it.

We welcome you to Delhi Public World School, Kotputli to begin a wonderful journey towards a holistic development of our bodies, minds and souls.


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